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  • 09 Aug 2023 10:13 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

    Members should watch their email in the next couple days for the July/August issue of The Accident Reconstruction Journal, issue #196. I sent Victor (the publisher) our mailing list this morning. Peace. -Wade, admin.

  • 28 Jul 2023 08:49 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

    The early registration deadline for the Sept.12-Sept.14 MATAI conference in Livonia MI, with 3 live crash tests and more is in 3 days! Visit www.matai.us/conferences for all the details!

    Peace. -W

  • 19 Jul 2023 20:07 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

    ADMIN UPDATE: This evening, I emailed the latest NAPARS News to our 1,300+ members. It is coming from our email server, so some ISPs and email systems filter it out as spam. If you are sure your membership is up to date, check there, eh? Peace. -W

  • 25 May 2023 09:51 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

    We are very excited to announce that we have arranged to make this June 26-30 class available by ZOOM! Costs are unchanged, but you can attend from anywhere using your computer. See the registration page to sign up. https://naopar.wildapricot.org/event-5014503

  • 07 May 2023 16:22 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

    The video and slide show from the 05/05/2023 two-hour presentation by Kent Boots on ignition cycle count in EDRs and how to use it has been uploaded to the Reference Library. He also sent a copy of the federal rule regarding EDRs, an Excel file for estimating dates from ignition cycles, and a page of different scan tools (which he talked about more extensively in his WREX presentation, but which was a bit of a topic of discussion during this show as well). Thanks, Kent!

  • 31 Mar 2023 06:30 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

    Four members have become unreachable by our email system. 

    Eric Hansen, Ward Crawford, Joseph Virgilio, and David Casteel

    If you know one of them, let them know to hit me up with a better email address, eh? Peace. -W

  • 26 Mar 2023 03:48 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

    I just sent out the first newsletter this year to all NAPARS members. If you didn't get it, first check your spam box, then log into the website to check your member status. If your membership is up to date and you can't find it, the third step is to hit me up via email for direct assistance: admin@napars.org 

    Peace. -W

  • 13 Mar 2023 13:37 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

    ACTAR approved our slightly delinquent application in record time, so members who attend the 04 April Zoom presentation on Human Factors will have the chance to sign up for 2 CEUs from ACTAR. Thanks, ACTAR! If you are accredited, and want the ceus, be sure you have the correct i-Attend app on your phone beforehand. There won't be time to load it up when we show the QR code during the show. More details on the process are here: https://actar.org/ceu/earning

    Peace. -W

  • 26 Feb 2023 05:51 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

    Andy's presentation on EDR stuff last week was great, and with his kind permission, I have uploaded the recorded show to the Reference Library along with his slide deck and the Excel file to evaluate off-axis EDR DV corrections. It's all in the 2023 Zoom Presentations directory. Thanks, again, Andy!

    Peace. -W

  • 27 Jan 2023 07:32 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

    We've changed the date for Mr. Klane's Zoom presentation to 17 March, Friday. Still at 11am. See the EVENTS tab to sign up.

    Peace. -W

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