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The Lending Library is now open.

18 Aug 2020 19:39 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

I've gone live with the Lending Library, as shown in the Member's Only section. There are currently roughly 5 dozen items, including SAE "Special Publications", STAPP conference proceedings, and a few books. I'll be adding a couple dozen books from my library shortly. The idea here is that NAPARS members can borrow anything for a month for the cost of shipping. If you have a UPS or Fedex account, I can ship it on that, or I can send it by whoever's cheaper at the "mail it" store. Returns are based on the honor system. Contact me at admin@NAPARS.org with any questions or comments. Peace. -W


  • 01 Nov 2021 11:55 | Paulo Lucchini
    Hellow, do you have SAE papers, like
    Some Aspects of Motorcycle-Vehicle Collision Reconstruction 900750
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