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Scam Email ALERT!

02 Feb 2019 13:11 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

ALERT: Someone has been sending out scam emails claiming to be NAPARS President Tommy Sturdivan, but the reply to address is not a napars.org address. The one I got has a weird "company83394" address, though there are others including "directoratpresidio". An example is shown below. The real one doesn't have the big sign hanging on it, but it doesn't look like something you'd get from Tommy, and it isn't. Nobody at NAPARS will ever ask you to buy debit cards for us. Ever. Don't click any links in such an email, please! If you have any question about a mail's veracity, write directly to Tommy (president@napars.org) or myself (admin@napars.org) for clarification. Peace. Wade, admin.

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