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Election Results are In for 2023-2024

07 Dec 2022 05:37 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

The election for our Board of Directors for the 2023-2024 term is complete.

Each member could vote for up to six (6) names for the NAPARS Board of Directors. The winners are shown below in highlighted bold with vote tallies. I thank those who stood for election, and those who participated by voting. 

President = Tommy Sturdivan 175 (one vote each for Matt Jones and Donald Trump)

Vice President = Richard "Rick" McAlister 174 (one vote for Matt Jones)

Treasurer = George Meinschein 177 (one vote for Matt Jones)

Secretary = Adam Hyde 174 (one vote each for Elon Musk and Matt Jones)

Six Board Members:

C. Greg Russell  152

Bill Focha  141

Susan A. Lantz, Ph.D.  130

Hugh Bean  123

Brian Fowler 123

Vladimir Bortchevsky  107


Not elected:

Dr. Rick Wakefield  102

David Danaher  84

Matt Jones  1

Peace. -W

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