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29 Dec 2021 08:20 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

I have uploaded an updated version of the index that I built to include all the ARJ / AIQ / SOARce articles back to the beginning of each, as well as the Reference Library contents, and the Lending Library contents. We're approaching 5000 entries now. Members should go to the NAPARS.ORG website, log in to get access, and then click the "MEMBERS" tab up top. This is an excel file, and though you can access the whole list in GOOGLEDOCS, the search macros that Andy Rich built for Excel won't work in that online environment (they are missing a text function). So download this to your computer and open it with Excel - Andy has tested it with Excel365, and I've tested it back to a 2016 version on my machine, and the board of directors has tested it on several other platforms.

There is a HOW TO guide in PDF format there, as well, titled "INDEX Searching How To Page". The accessibility to this data is dramatically improvee as compared to my excel-nerd version. A huge thank you to Andy Rich for making this happen! Peace. -W

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