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Renewal Date Adjustments

11 Dec 2021 08:01 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

I'm slowly trying to get everyone onto an "end of the month" renewal date. We have been working on a mostly straight "365-day" membership since we got the new website, but that has not worked as well as I had hoped. As renewals come in now, I'm manually resetting each member's next renewal date to an end of month, such that they don't miss any issues of the ARJ. Some folks are getting a few extra weeks, some got trimmed by a week or so. So if your current renewal date doesn't seem to be what you remember, you might be correct. If anyone has an issue with the process or result for their membership, please ping me off list (admin@napars.org) and we'll find some common ground to move forward. Thanks for your patience.

Peace. -W 

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