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2020 Joint Conference

  • 05 Oct 2020
  • 13 Oct 2020

The 2020 Joint Conference is in the books, as I write this at the end of October 2020.

The seven 2 hour sessions were as follows:

    10/05/20 - Motorcycle Turning (Wade Bartlett, PE)

    10/06/20 - Investigating Rollover Crashes (John Daily)

    10/07/20 - GoPro GPS Data Analysis (Greg Russell)

    10/08/20 - PRT in Different Crash Types (Dr. Jeff Muttart)

    10/09/20 - Obtaining Chip-level Data from Modules (Matthew DiSogra)

    10/12/20 - Considering Tires in your Investigation (T.J.Tennant)

    10/13/20 - Analysis of ECM Data in New Freightliners (Wes Grimes PE, David Plant PE, and Greg Wilcoxson)

Handouts from all seven are in the reference library, and the 2-hour recording of 6 of them will be uploaded as time allows in the coming days.

We had more than 300 attendees at every event, and more than 500 different attendees overall. About 120 people attended all seven. We look forward to more virtual events, but we look forward even more do having in-person events again.

Peace. -Wade, administrator. 

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